Diamond concept receive another award in 2019 from CONTEXT IMPART intl

We were indeed privilege receiving an award last weekend from kontext impart initiative on Saturday last week,i was indeed honoured,it was presented by a high chief from the Oba's palace,the OBADOLAYE of Benin kingdom

to who much is given more is expected,we wont stop imparting & mentoring our youth & the world at large to eradicate idleness
If i had my way & was enough time on that day,There would have been some comment i would have made
i must say it ,there are some organization that gives award but behind the stage,the awardees has already paid for them,but this was a different because it was based on merit.. @kontext_impact_intl is a name that would stand the test of time because its uniqueness & thier goals is to help capture every child when they are young,to impart all the necessities they need before they become adults,

remember there are more adult years than child years,catching them when they are still very young builds a greater tomorrow

its more easy to impart now than when they become adults  tomorrow,remember if its not in the root it can never be in the fruit,

This organization needs the support of NIGERIA  GOVERNMENT,NGO and other forms of organization to build the future of our leaders of tomorrow
GOD BLESS  @kontext_impact_intl @mr_kontext
Location: @oba akenzuwa cultural center


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